I really enjoy teaching. I taught my first drum lesson 16 years ago and after thousands and thousands of hours of lessons taught, I am thankful for what I continue to learn. I am also thankful to have many students and friends that have come to learn and enjoy more about music, and life, through studying with me.

Some quick info about me
– Though I specialize as a drummer, I play and teach piano as well.

– I’ve been playing drums for 23 years. Sixteen of those years I studied privately with teachers such as Peter Erskine (Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell), Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern), Bruce Becker (Drum technique guru), Mark Schulman (P!nk, Foreigner), Russell Ferrante (Bobby McFerrin, Yellowjackets), and Dave Beyer (Melissa Ethridge, Christopher Cross).

– I have a B.M. in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California (2006).

– While at USC, I performed with Pat Metheny, Steve Miller, Jon Faddis, and Ramsey Lewis.

– I toured with Andy Grammer and opened for Colbie Caillat and Natasha Bedingfield, with performances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Rachel Ray Show, and Live with Regis & Kelly.

– Most of my teaching experience is with individuals between age 6 and 22, but I have taught many adults, and in special cases, children under age six.

Topics I Teach

Drum set, beginning to advanced levels
– How to read and write music
– How to play along with your favorite songs
– Technique (improving how your body plays the instrument)
– Coordination (developing the ability to do different things with different limbs at the same time)
– Rudiments (the ABC’s of playing drums)
– Playing various styles (Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban)
– Setting up and tuning drums

Piano, beginning to intermediate levels
– How to play your favorite songs
– How to read and write music
– Classical piano
– Jazz piano
– Songwriter/pop/church piano playing
– Classical and Jazz Music Theory

Music Technology
– How to use Apple Garage Band, Logic, and Ableton Live
– Recording: How to set up a home recording studio

If you are curious about taking lessons, or if you have more questions, contact me. I am currently taking students in the Washington DC area, as well doing video lessons to Los Angeles and elsewhere. References available upon request.

The follwing are some very kind statements from folks I have worked with over the years.

“Michael Lindsay taught piano to my son for two years. My son was previously burned-out with music and practice. Michael inspired him to learn and he found a brand new passion for his music. Michael is extremely dedicated, and his students think highly of him. I highly recommend him with no reservations.” – Kim, parent of student

“Mike is one of the most thoughtful and engaging teachers I know. He is excellent on a technical and musical level, but also has a profound gift for [understanding] where a student is coming from.” – Len, fellow music teacher

“Mike Lindsay is a true inspiration. His extensive knowledge of rhythm and percussion is evident in both his playing and teaching. He is very sensitive and accommodating to the needs of his students. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Mike in areas such as time and technique, approaching different rhythmic feels, and even using professional recording software and equipment. Mike has not only been a mentor for me in my development as a musician, but also in my attitude and general approach towards life. I’m very lucky to have studied with him for 5 years.” -Donny, student

“Mike knows how to connect with students on multiple levels. In a music sense, he has the ability to assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide instruction to use and improve those areas. He is able to do this in a life sense as well. He is interested in the person as a whole, not just musically. It is in these ways that makes Mike more than a teacher or instructor. I have learned many lessons in regards to music from him but also have learned a lot about life. He is a hard working, dedicated teacher and a person whom many consider to be a role model. He cares about his students and he cares about being able to teach them in all areas of life. Mike knows his stuff. He is intelligent and knows how to communicate ideas so that his students are able to understand him regardless of the stage they are at. Mike is a fun teacher who challenges his students to be better in every area of life.” – Justine, former student

“We were blessed that Mike was able to step in beside our son and provide not only a fantastic musical education, but do it in a way that appealed to his strengths and interests. He was able to teach our son to use the computer on complicated electronic music while still learning music theory. During this time, Mike became so much more than just a music teacher. He has walked through the last two and a half years with our son becoming teacher, mentor and life coach all rolled up in one.” – Gaye, parent of student

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